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Hugs, not thugs

We promise not to send video game villains to your house

Creators paradise

Homebrew entire modules and choose with whom you share them for FREE!

Beholding Beholder

Playing D&D is challenging
and it is not about the monsters

Remembering all those rules, knowing what is and isn't possible, balancing encounters, using external rules, remembering locations and NPCs... it's a real headache!

Mastering current VTT tools takes a lot of time. Even when you know how to use them, it's still not easy. VTTs should be at your service, but it's you who bends to their rules.

Elderberry Inn is all about making playing the game easier.

  • Everything within a few clicks

    No more endless searches for a spell, a skill or your familiar's favourite food.

  • Explanations included

    No more juggling with tabs or books. You'll have clear, easy-to-read explanations of everything.

  • Handle all the crunch

    Dice, modifiers, advantages, disadvantages, resistances, skills, multiple opponents, hit points... Elderberry Inn takes care of everything for you.

  • 5e? OneDnD? Tales of the Valiant?

    No need to choose just one! Pick and mix the rules you want to use!


Handle combats seamlessly

Want to have your lvl. 20 Necromancer and their 100 skeletons fight an army in less than an hour? It's possible!

Control multiple NPCs at the same time and resolve actions on multiple targets without sacrificing your time nor simplifying the rules.

Create & Share your own modules

Take homebrew to the next level!

Bundle all your custom characters, locations, classes, spells in a single module and share it with whomever you choose.

Want to play in a hardcore game? Sturdier enemies? Limited magic items? Customise the rules to suit your needs.

Keep track of the game

Are you a DM? The DM screen will help you run the game. Keep track of the locations your players have visited, the NPCs they have met, what happened, when it happened...

You'll also have tools for generating balanced battles, loot, NPCs...


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